7 Days of Nutrichef

My Nutrichef delivery

Local company Nutrichef kindly offered to support me for the new race season supplying me with stacks of their rather tasty Flapjacks but also with a bespoke meal plan, here’s a snap shot of the first 7 days.

Nutrichef provides healthy meals delivered to your door, they can be tailored or focused for assisting in weight loss, providing a healthy balanced diet for day to day living, supporting a tough training session, or for maximising elite athlete performance.

Plans can be ordered online, with the more advanced plans getting a consultation with founder & head nutritionist Barbara Cox. Being local I was able to pop in to see Barbara & having pre-filled out a fairly detailed questionnaire Barbara had prepared a whole bunch of exciting ideas for my meal plan. I actually suffer from a joint condition similar to arthritis, it’s caused by inflammation in the joints & Barbara was keen to adjust my diet to ensure it contained as few inflammatory ingredients as possible. That ruled out dairy, sugar, wheat to name just a few & included as many natural anti-inflammatory foods as possible such as oily fish, nuts, seeds, green leafy veg, beetroot and pineapple. We chatted for ages about all sorts of crazy bits & bobs that could be added to my plan to help, we looked at adding in a course of probiotics (not the crap you get in Yakult) to ensure my gut was super healthy, what some of the key ingredients I’ll be having to maximise energy for training & aid recovery. In place of wheat based bread Barbara had spoken to her baker about providing some Quinoa based bread, something they hadn’t done before but they achieved a great result after a few trial runs.

Before I left I got a tour of the kitchens & operations at Nutrichef HQ & left with a stash of Flapjacks to await my first delivery.

For local Bournemouth & Poole based customers you actually get a delivery of fresh meals every 2 days, they offer a frozen service for people living further afield. I keenly waited to see what would arrive…

My first delivery arrived as planned & I had an absolute mountain of goodies…

My Nutrichef delivery
My Nutrichef delivery
  • 2 cool bags for the next two days food
  • 1 case of wheat free muesli, granola & Quinoa based cereal bars
  • 5 different kinds of non-dairy milks to sample
  • 1 case of probiotics, flapjacks, chia seeds, pots of fruit & nuts for nibbles…
Milky, Milky... selection of non-dairy milks
Milky, Milky... selection of non-dairy milks

Across the 7 days I ate a fantastic range of food, from classic lamb casserole, to Asian stir-fry’s, Sushi and African spicy soup!

Breakfast was pretty consistent, a really tasty tortilla (spanish omelette with Super Greens and Barley grass) & every other day a super refreshing fruit smoothie with electrolyte drops and cherry extract.

Lunch tended to be soup style so really easy to re-heat, and would have Quinoa based open sandwiches or wheat free crackers with yummie toppings (fish based or homemade hummus) Lunch worked really well to break up into a bit of a snack mid-morning, lunch then another snack mid-afternoon. This alongside a great collection of nuts & nibbles meant there was always something tasty & healthy to hand.

Tasty nibbles from Nutrichef
Tasty nibbles from Nutrichef

Dinners where my favourite part of the meal plan, they were mostly fish based but a few really stunning Asian inspired dishes, definitely my favourite style of food.

A typical lunch selection
A typical lunch selection

So the important bit… how did I feel & what did I think!

Well the plan I was on contained 3400 calories a day, that’s quite a bit, but I train quite a bit… I stepped up the training this week too & managed 12 sessions across the week, a mixture of circuits, boxing, yoga but mostly paddling.

Throughout the week my energy levels were really good, and most importantly they were consistent without the peaks & troughs you often experience when not eating the right way. I slept well, trained hard, felt good & didn’t suffer much with my joint aches & pains, I even posted a personal best time on a paddle.

Not having to shop for & prepare food was a huge time saving, I could train straight from work & know that I’d have something super healthy ready to eat in less than 20mins. It gave me more time to train or more time to rest, either way a great result!

Some amazing wheat-free muesli & cereal bars
Some amazing wheat-free muesli & cereal bars

Best things about the Nutrichef meal plan?

Always having nice healthy food to hand

Consistent energy levels

Time savings not having to shop / prep / cook food

Super tasty variety of food

I’m going to do a bit of my own research to truly understand how much I spend on food. I like to eat good quality food & I think if I add it all up it will actually be comparable to the cost of a meal plan, with all the benefits of not having to do the shopping & cooking I suspect it will be a no-brainer… watch this space.

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  1. Wow! Nice write up. The pictures really show the difference between nutrichef and they other products on the market. Not cheap, in fact much more expensive, but very high quality.

  2. Hi Dee – Nutrichef offer what actually equated to very good value. I did some subsequent research to understand what I spend every week/month on food & across a month I was about £60-70 under the cost of having a Nutrichef plan but I have the huge benefits of 1. Not having to go shopping, 2. Not having to prepare food, 3. knowing that I was always eating healthy balanced food! http://www.nutrichef.co.uk is a no brainer for busy people wanting to eat a balanced healthy diet.

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