BaySUP Frostbite – Race 3 (downwind)

BaySUP Frostbite 3 - 12'6 winners

Cracking downwind race – we think the first pure SUP downwind race in the UK.

After lots of faff we got everyone to Sandbanks ready for the start, heading back 8km to Boscombe.

BaySUP downwind race - faff
BaySUP downwind race – faff

I got a great start round the first buoy with Paul & Ryan (who were riding 14ft) but once we headed off they quickly pulled away with a couple of the other 14’s ahead too.

Despite it being late January it was quite mild & very quickly I started overheating!  With a full 4:3 wetsuit on i started to cook.  There was nothing I could do but try & make the most of the bumps & rest opportunities to keep the temperature down.

BaySUP Frostbite 3 - start
BaySUP Frostbite 3 – Great start for me out front already


I kept 1st place in 12’6 right the way to the final few yards, but as I was tiring quickly from the heat Marie from the ladies 12’6 came storming by & pipped me.

Note to self, never wear a wetsuit to race unless I REALLY have to, and as Coach James put it to me afterwards… if you’re not learning you’re standing still…

Anyway at least I got the win for men’s & some points to bring me to 1st place in the series 12’6 standings.



1st Place 12’6



BaySUP Frostbite 3 - 12'6 winners
BaySUP Frostbite 3 – 12’6 winners – Me 1st / Boyd 2nd / Rob 3rd