Chilly sup surf Bournemouth Pier

sup surf bournemouth pier

When the alarm went off at 5.30am I knew it was going to be tough… snow all day & night, 30mph+ north east winds… still the charts were showing good period so figured the Pier had to be worth a check.

I got suited up at home to save some changing faff & bombed it thought the empty streets to meet Nick & Ben.

This was my first session on my new BIC Pro wave bamboo 9’0.  I’d set up as a quad to be nice & loose.  I also stuck on my new Contour Roam2 waterproof camera & housing to try & capture a few snaps.

8mm boots & mitts made everything difficult, carrying the board, running down, paddling out… but as soon as that first clean set came through I knew it would be a great session.  There was only 5 of us in the water (where was everyone??) it was coming through at shoulder high, nice and clean on the West side of the pier.

We all rinsed it for an hour or so and made our merry ways to work, stoked we’d managed to get a little cheeky session while most people were still tucked up bed.  Bold it may have been, but it was definitely worth it 🙂

If you want to demo my 9’0 or take a look at the Contour cams drop me a line!

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