Home made coconut coffee frappe

Home made Coconut coffee frappe
Coconut coffee frappe ingredients
Coconut coffee frappe ingredients

So us coffee lovers all love those frappes on hot summers days, but the highstreet options are full of crap! Made from powdered sugar with all sorts of nasties… So… Why not make your own it takes less than 2 minutes (quicker than queuing at costa!)

1 small carton Chi coconut water (pure with no added sugar!)
1/2 a can of Biona organic coconut milk (note if its good quality it should be separated so give it a stir up in the can first)
1 cup of ice
1 fresh double espresso
1 table spoon organic coconut oil
Optional: unpasteurised double cream for those ok with dairy
Instructions for preparation:
Get all the ingredients out and ready, brew your double espresso then start to prepare the ingredients
Empty the coconut water and half can of coconut milk into a blender
Add the coconut oil
Add the ice
Optional: add a few good dollops of organic, unpasteurised double cream. This really works for me as it adds a creamy rich flavour! If you don’t do we’ll with dairy then just leave it out,
Add the espresso last
Blend for 30 seconds and serve straight away in a cold pint glass, dress with a fresh sprig of mint from the garden if you fancy!
Now get it down you! Simply delicious, clean, energising and without any hidden nasty additives and added sugars.
Buy Chi online here: http://goo.gl/14OWT
Home made Coconut coffee frappe
Home made Coconut coffee frappe