Sorted Surf Festival Round Reef Race & Relay

21st march 2010 saw the anual Sorted Surf Festival sponsored by Ripcurl.

Local SUP club BaySup partnered with Sorted Surf Shop to put on a SUP spectacular on the Sunday.

First up was a team relay race

The relay was a beach start, paddle out to the appointed buoy, return, up the beach with your board and tag your next man (sadly no ladies) and you were allowed to use any board you wished (no messing about with rules!)

I represented team Starboard with Sean Powell, Boyd Shaw & Jay Manning.  Sean got us a great lead right off the bat & each of us in turn managed to build on it despite the difficult choppy conditions.   We finished 1st with a good lead over our nearest competitors from Team BaySup
Results were:
1st: Team Starboard
2nd: Team Baysup
3rd: Team Sorted Surf
4th: Team Tiki.
5th: Team Jimmy Lewis.

Next up was a solo “Paddle Around The Reef Race” for a 14.30 start.

The race was a beach start, out left past the groyne, clockwise around the fabled Boscombe Reef, back to the beach and run up to the finish line.  By the time of the start winds had picked up & it was really choppy & unpredictable.  I managed to get a great start & stick with Mark for the majority of the race but as we turned back into shore with the wind behind us Mark disappeared (the Jimmy Lewis is a great downwind board!).  I still managed to keep a good lead from Jay Manning in 3rd.  Good result.

1st: Mark Slater
2nd: Pete Holliday
3rd Jay Manning

Round the reed race - heading to the finish