Summer Sizzler – Stage 4 – Boscombe Battle of the Paddle

Summer Sizzler Stage 4 - Boscombe

13th August was the show down at my local event.

BaySUP & Sorted Surf Shop collaborated & we put on a paddle board extravaganza all weekend!  Blessed with a bit of swell we spent all morning surfing, trying boards & mucking about.

Summer Sizzler Stage 4 - Boscombe
Summer Sizzler Stage 4 - Boscombe

We decided for the race we’d make it one tough, painful battle of the paddle style race in & out through the surf, into the wind for half a mile & back with the wind & swell, a short sprint up the beach & back in for 3 laps.

SUP Race - start line carnage
SUP Race - start line carnage

The start of the race was total carnage, i didn’t have a great start (normally my strong point) and fell twice on the first leg which set me right to the back of the pack.  I push really hard & made about 5 places on the first downwind stretch, managing to get some good runners.  The transition was smooth, my board caddy (Paul from Bournemouth Surf Centre) did a great job.  I smashed out but fell again on the top turn loosing some places again.  The downwind I re-took all of them & back in for the final lap.

Again really frustratingly I fell on the top turn.  With one last effort I smashed back to shore & caught up the places I’d just lost.

Lap 2

I finished 3rd in class which was my worst result of the season, very disappointing especially as it was my local event, but it’s all cool, it was such a great laugh anyway.

The rest of the afternoon was spent surfing & later in the afternoon we ran a single board make sprint series.  Just out to a bouy & back man on man knock outs.  I got through to the semis against Mark Slater & in a thrilling heat we both caught the same wave into shore but mark had the inside line on the run to the finish line & just pipped it, brilliant, brilliant racing & a great way to finish the day with a bit of a laugh.

Next year I’ll do better 🙂

My results

Battle of the paddle – 3rd Place